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Exertus training wing instructors have a vast wealth of international experience operationally and in designing and delivering training packages for all aspects of security related courses required by the student. They have extensive knowledge of the latest methodology and delivery methods to ensure the students understand the theory and practical aspects to the courses.

Training and Project Development Manager

J.W ex SNCO 16th Air Assault Brigade. An experienced and highly versatile individual with a strong communications, training and automotive background developed during 22 years of exemplary service in the British Army and subsequent consultant roles. JJ has extensive experience of operations in sub Saharan Africa and is an SERE, survive, evade, resist, escape instructor as well as an experienced off road driving instructor for B6 armoured land cruisers and other types of vehicles.

Operations Manager

R.M. brings 40 years of military and private security experience to the company. He served with the Parachute Regiment as an SNCO during his time in the military. R.M has spent 15 years in the private and corporate security sector conducting such tasks as protection for high level US diplomats and US military commanders in Iraq, and close protection tasks in Europe for corporate clients.

Close Protection Manager

M.T. A highly trained and experienced former British Army SNCO, the holder of a Masters Degree in Security and Risk Management. Served 22 years in the British Army including tours with United Kingdom Special Forces and NI Training Advisory Team, after leaving the army he worked operationally worldwide in Close Protection, most notably in UK, Europe, Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa and the Southern Russian States. Has instructed close protection, tactical driving, weapon training, hostile environment survival and trauma medicine in the UK, USA, Northern Europe and the Middle East.

Close Protection Manager CP/HECPO/HEAT

T.R. Former Parachute Regiment soldier of nine years with operational tours of Northern Ireland. 20 years’ experience, involving close protection and PSD work in the private security sector as an instructor with operational experience in Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Uganda, Syria, Hong Kong, Taipei, Spain, France, Iceland and the UK. Experienced in instructing SIA close protection courses, HECPO, HEAT and other security related training. TR was close protection Team Leader for the European Commissions’ Ambassador to Afghanistan 2003-2006. He has also worked as SIA CP/Hostile environment Instructor for The National Security College.

Close Protection/HEAT Instructor

M.G brings over 33 years of Police experience to the company. Having served as a close protection officer for senior members of the Royal Family and government ministers for over a decade. He was a National instructor in close protection and acted as the national link for all visiting close protection teams to his force area. His last duties were as part of a close protection team for overseas heads of state at the London 2012 Olympic Games. M.G was also a senior national firearms instructor and advanced police driver (ARV).

Close Protection/HECPO/HEAT Instructor

M.F a former Guards SNCO with 15 years exemplary service. Has a military, police, close protection and criminal law background. MF has also spent 8yrs in the Metropolitan Police serving the majority of the time in the Diplomatic Protection Group. He has been responsible for the protection of high profile Government figures, various diplomatic figures and their families and providing close protection for visiting heads of state. M.F responsibilities also included Embassy security, internal and external. He has also worked in surveillance, photographic and intelligence gathering operations. Skilled as an advanced police driver and ARV trained.

Close Protection/HECPO/HEAT Instructor

S.H. Served 15 years in the French Foreign Legion rising through the ranks from Private to 1st Lieutenant Deputy Company commander, demonstrating drive and leadership throughout his career. On leaving the FFL has been Team Leader in close protection details for numerous clients in Africa and Europe, also as an instructor for CP/HEAT/HECPO to foreign Governments, NGOs and multinational corporations

Close Protection/HECPO/HEAT Instructor

Y.D.15 years police service including 8 years in a SWAT unit, progressing to another 5 years service in the elite French Special Forces Unit GIGN with the rank of Master sergeant (WO2). Within the unit he was a counter surveillance, small arms and Close Quarter Battle instructor. Worldwide operational experience including serving in the UN full time hostage rescue team (HRT) Kosovo, close protection Team Leader (cat.1)-EU Ambassador Lebanon, UN close protection team in Haiti (cat.1).

Close Protection/HECPO/HEAT Instructor

S.D. Served 14 years in the French Police, of which 8 years he spent in the elite GIPN Grouped'Intervention de la Police Nationale. SD was chief instructor for close protection training within his unit and head of unarmed combat training. SD has worked at the highest levels within Government and the private security sector. He has been team leader and team member on the Close Protection detail for the President of France, visiting heads of state, diplomats and various VIPs. Tasked with providing protection for French diplomats and VIPs traveling abroad on Government business. SD has provided Close Protection for the European commission delegation in Lebanon and Pakistan, as well as being an instructor for the European commission in Jordan,Thailand and Senegal.

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