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RW Started His Dog Training career nearly forty Years ago in the then Rhodesia, since then he has worked extensively in the Security Industry supplying dogs, dog training and personnel to various Governments, UK Military, UK Police Force, HM Prison service and private clients. The Dogs have worked recently at the 2012 Olympic games, search dogs have worked on corporate security details in an anti-terrorist role in the UK and Globally.

In Addition to his Canine role, he has trained Security staff to Security Industry Authority Standards, and is a skill for Security Trainer in the UK. RW Continues to train and Write bespoke courses for specialist dog training that are at the forefront of Canine Development for service dogs.


Operating within UK industry guidelines and Government legislation we adhere to the Guard Dogs act 1975 and train to BS standards.

The deterrent value of a well trained security dog team should not be underestimated, with the dogs enhanced powers of scent and hearing; they can often detect hidden intruders from distance, giving the security dog handler time to implement Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) or Emergency (SOPS).

Exertus instructors are very conscious of the health and safety of our clients, and the dogs are all trained to the highest possible standards with regards to this. Safe to be around at rest, but while on patrol with their handlers they are fully alert to any potential threats, and will react to protect the client or handler vigorously if threatened.

A well trained security Dog team can often replace several guards or enhance existing security arrangements

Specialist Training

If you would like a dog trained or for Exertus to source a dog from its suppliers of specialist guard dog breeds, EGS can undertake training at 2 training wings, 1 at Cobham near Dartford and the other near Christchurch, Bournemouth. Both have tailored made facilities for Security dog training including the use of pyrotechnics, dilapidated buildings, woodland and areas for vehicle check point drills. The other option is to carry out training in the client’s country as long as the correct facilities are in place.

Before acceptance at residential courses, full vaccination records including kennel cough must be produced, and the current worming regime

Please be aware that specialist training will only be commenced after an in depth assessment of your dog. NOT all dogs are suitable for this training. Exertus produces Dogs that are balanced, of sound temperament, structurally sound and work in the “correct” drives required of them.


General Purpose Dogs

GP Police Dogs

Security Dogs ( Pipeline or Infrastructure security )

Specialist GP Dogs for Anti Terrorist role or working with military units.

Search Dogs

Explosive detection

Firearms/Ammunition recovery


Cash Recovery

Mobile Phones( prison service)

DVD Recovery for companies and customs for illegal importation of pirated goods.

Search and Rescue Dogs natural disasters

Cadaver recovery

In addition to our training, supply of dogs and handlers Exertus also supply a full equipment and management Service for your Dog section, we will supply continuation training, record keeping and continued assessment of your Dogs and Handlers to maintain optimum performance for your unit.

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If you are looking for a career in the Security industry and meet the exacting standards that EGS demands along with the skill sets stipulated, email us your CV., so we can undertake due diligence as required.

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