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Hostile Environment Close Protection Operator

This course has been designed by EGS personnel who have extensive current operational experience and brings the latest methodology and techniques used on the ground for security operations in hostile environments. The course is a requirement for close protection personnel being deployed to unstable hazardous regions.

HECPO Attendance Requirements

You must of served a minimum of 5 years military service or with a Specialist Police unit, and have served at least 1 operational tour in a hostile environment.

EGS requires the student to hold a current valid SIA license. If you do not hold a license Exertus runs accredited Close Protection courses with the First Person on The Scene Intermediate FPOS(i) included. On passing the exam you can then apply for the SIA license. You have to be physical fit and in good health as the course is arduous. Be prepared to work hard, as EGS has exacting standards and a pass mark is not guaranteed. The reason a pass mark is not guaranteed is this:

Would EGS instructors send a man into a HECPO environment who could possibly end up working with them in a HECPO team if they were not properly trained?

You will be continually assessed by the instructor cadre during the course for the possibility of future employment by EGS.


The course runs for 7 days at our HECPO training wings near Christchurch, Bournemouth and near Cobham, Kent.

An intensive course delivered by expert instructors who have lived the experience and have instructed at the highest levels.

Due to current UK Firearms Legislation EGS uses air soft weapons for all instruction and drills, as well as air soft pyrotechnics grenades/flares (Christchurch only for pyrotechnics)

On Completion of the course you will receive an Exertus Hostile Environment Close Protection Operator Certificate.

Course content

Weapons introduction

Working in a hostile environment/SOPs

Weapons handling H/E

Foot drills/Anti ambush/Contact reps

Pistol/Rifle drills

Map reading/evac drills

Reaction to attack

OP orders/AA reports/Contact reports

Fire and Movement in CASEVAC

Client briefings/ROEs/TL orders

Intro to vehicles

Complex Ambushes

Vehicle drills/Vehicle search

Hostile search drills


VCP drills/Hostile/Non Hostile

Team Tests

Individual Tests

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