Hostile Environment Awareness Training ( HEAT )

Exertus bespoke HEAT courses are designed for NGO's, media companies, multinational companies particularly Oil, Gas and mining. or clients who are traveling through, working or living in hostile environments or unstable regions.

The objective of the HEAT course is to increase the clients awareness of security and safety issues, and to provide personnel with the skills and tools necessary to deal with and mitigate different types of risks and threats from the known to the suprise element. On completion of the course the personnel will be in a position to recognize and avoid potential threats, as well as having the ability to respond to security or safety issues.

Course Content

After consultation with the client EGS will design, implement and instruct a bespoke HEAT course, country specific for the personnel that will be deployed to the region. A recent 3 day course EGS designed for a client contained:

Country briefing:

Present Security situation

Terrorist groups operating within the country

Local protocols and customs

Natural disasters (country has a history of them)

Danger areas

Photography, when and when not to.

First Aid Practical and Theory

Treatment of Gunshot, IED trauma

Practical first aid inside a moving Vehicle


Conduct After Capture

Intensive scenarios

Vehicle Drills

Hotel Security


EGS employs ex UKSF or military and EX French SF personnel or military or other SF personnel from around the globe who are fluent in English with extensive operational experience in the military and in the corporate sector.

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If you are looking for a career in the Security industry and meet the exacting standards that EGS demands along with the skill sets stipulated, email us your CV., so we can undertake due diligence as required.

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