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The question asked when applying for a close protection job is “what company did you do the course with and who were your instructors?”

The information presented below is why you can be proud to say you were trained by Exertus Global Solutions ltd Instructors.

Exertus instructors come from ex UK and French Special Forces, Diplomatic Protection Group(s) and experts within the industry, with 10-20yrs each of operational experience and instructing courses in various global locations. They have commanded Government close protection teams and have been close protection team leaders, and team members for Royalty, heads of state, senior politicians, senior executives and high ranking military personnel in hostile environments. Undertaken security tasks for such events as the Greek Olympics 2004, London Olympics 2012 and providing security for embassies in London and abroad.


A requirement for working in the close protection industry within the UK is a security industry association front line license (SIA). To apply for this you must first attend a valid accredited level 3 certificated close protection course and have a Current valid First Aid at Work certificate which is the minimum requirement. Exertus as an employer feels the minimum requirement for employment is the First Person on The Scene Intermediate award.

Exertus Global solutions ltd accredited Close protection courses meets the necessary requirements for the SIA criteria and far exceeds them, providing an FPOS(I) 4 day course and a level 3 IQ certificate in close protection.

Once the candidate has successfully completed the course he can then apply to the security industry association (SIA) for his/her license which will include a criminal background check. After receiving there SIA license they can then begin a career in the close protection industry safe in the knowledge they have been taught by experts with many years of global operational experience.

Minimum Course Requirements:

Candidates must be 18 or above and should hold a full driving license although not mandatory. As stipulated by the SIA candidates must show that they hold a valid First Aid at Work Certificate or First Person on Scene Certificate. EGS provides the required medical qualification if required FPOS(I) only. Candidates must be of good health and have reasonable fitness levels due to the rigours of the course.

Course Content

The course meets and exceeds the requirements of the Security Association Industry (SIA) guidelines. The course will contain a minimum of 140 hours guided learning and lasts for 14 days.

The IQ Level 3 Certificate in Close Protection is a qualification for individuals who work or would like to work as Close Protection Operators. It is based on the SIA Specification for Learning and Qualifications for Close Protection Operatives and in Conflict Management. Successful completion of the qualification enables learners to apply for an SIA licence in Close Protection. The qualification covers legislation, responsibilities and roles relevant to people working in the close protection industry; including: threat assessment, risk management, surveillance techniques, venue security operations, designing and demonstrating operational planning, interpersonal skills, teamwork, reconnaissance, conducting close protection foot drills, planning and selecting routes, vehicle movement tactics and operations, search techniques and procedures, and conflict management techniques.

Introduction to the security industry & CP.

Responsibilities & protocol

Teamwork, Communication & interpersonal skills

Client contact & profiling

Law legislation & Conflict management

Threat and risk assessment

Security site surveys

Residential Security Teams

Route selection/ Map spotting/Codes

Radio lecture/Procedure

Surveillance awareness

Anti & Counter surveillance

Operational planning/Order process

Security advanced party

Searching: Residence/Vehicle/Person

Travel security/Modes of transport

Personnel escort section

Walking drills

Embus/De-bus procedures

Embus/De-bus drills

SAP practical’s

Test Exercises


The student will be constantly assessed during the course on his ability and attitude during several practical exercises. The written exam will consist of a multiple choice paper of 60 questions to be answered in 2 hours.

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