First Person On Scene Intermediate: 4 days duration

The FPOS Basic course has been accredited with both the Institute of Health Care Development (IHCD), Edexcel and the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh and is a well respected industry standard qualification.

The course is designed to extend the basic skills acquired by First Aiders to the next level. This includes the assessment and management of casualties until the arrival of the ‘Emergency Services’ or other medical professional.

This course gives students the confidence and competence to manage any scenario encountered, having been taught by trainers who are current practising medical professionals, with a vast experience in this field.

On successful completion of the course the student will be issued with a BTEC Level 2 Certificate from IHCD and EDEXCEL Once the student has successfully completed the course, they will be issued with a certificate that is valid for 3 years.

Course Content

Scene Safety

Airway Management

Oxygen Therapy

Spinal Immobilization

Defibrillation (AED)


Medical Emergencies

Area of Operations Bespoke bolt on: 1 day per module

To further enhance the FPOSI certification EGS can provide through their medical training partner several bolt on courses which the student can choose depending upon their likely area of operation. These bolt on modules include:

Area of Operations: Jungle

Area of Operations: Artic

Area of Operations: Desert

Upon successful completion students will be awarded a certificate of competency for their respective area of operations.

Trauma Medic Course bolt on: 2 days

The trauma medic bolt on course for the FPOSi element provides the student with a greater insight and exposure to treating casualties suffering from multiple injuries as a direct result of trauma. The course adopts the 360 degree care approach which is adopted by the military and civilian critical care teams. This is the gold standard course for trauma care.

The students are taught to act in unison and as a team as opposed to a solo medic responding to a trauma call.

The student will receive a certificate of continual professional development from the American Association of Orthopaedic Surgeons at the respective level.

Haemorrhage control course (including cannulation): 2 day

This course goes into greater depth about blood loss and how to manage it aggressively no matter the casualties location.

The students will be taught how to rapidly assess a patient, assign them an appropriate score based on their vital signs and what steps to take in order to stabilise said patient.

Students will learn the theory of; haemostatic agents, arterial tourniquets, cannulation and they will apply this theory in realistic scenarios.

Students will receive a certificate of competency and understanding.

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